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Italian version of APM introscope shows buggy behavior

Question asked by Nany-otalleccuB on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Nany-otalleccuB

Good evening,


after installing APM10.7 + SP2 I noticed some persistent problem in the italian version regardless I was using the .jnlp java execute or the installation on my laptop.


Here's a list of buggy thing I found out:


click on Workstation - can choose on the highlighted labels:



Effettua query per eventi cronologici = Query Historical Events ---> Left click and nothing happen

Nuovo visualizzazione errori in tempo reale= New Live Error Viewer ---> Left click and nothing happen

Nuova sessione di traccia della transazione=New Transaction Trace Session--->Left click, pop-up screen does show but after starting the transaction trace the pop-up disappear and there are no results for traces.


These elements are the most used from the above menu - I'm not aware if there are other elements of that menu that doesn't work properly.


Other items are misplaced in the Investigator as in the image that follows:


Here you can see, there are no Errors or Traces Tab and the Overview Tab isn't showing any contents


As you can see there are neither Errors or Traces tabs and Panoramica=Overview tab isn't showing any summary data.


I may have missed other buggy stuff but these are the most used function in APM.


If the product is started in full english then you will not have those problems mentioned above.

In order to go back to the english version from italian (or any other language) specify in Introscope_Workstation.lax---> this parameter -Duser.language=en