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Downloading of attachment  issue   from employee interface - Access type page licensed is ticked

Question asked by SamirKS on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Raghu.Rudraraju

Hello Exoerts


I have one user *** with contact type - employee 

Access type employee-global (  newly created , rather copied from employee)

In access type page licensed is ticked .

Employee score board query is made so that this *** employee can see tickets of his location. 

He(***) can see / update ticket .  Can attach / download document to the ticket that *** has created ( that is his own ticket) 

He (***) can even see other ticket logged by other users of his location .

But when *** try to download attachment from the tickets logged by other users *** can not do so . Error in STD log shows


"rep_daemon           6720 ERROR        DomWrap.c              891 Access to BOP Name: 'Attachment id:616140' denied for user: 'U110127' Class:'CDownloadFile'"


No restriction on attachment view for *** . All Data partition constrains on attachment and attmnt_folder was deleted.


CA servicedesk version is 14.1 with cumulative patch 05 . 


How to resolve this issue.