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APMSQL Grafana with APM 10.5.1

Question asked by LutzM Champion on Oct 16, 2018
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in the APM 10.7.0 documentation "Using Grafana with CA APMSQL" I find

Before you start, check that you have the following components set up:

APM 10.5+ (APMSQL must be available)

This is a nice to know (we are still using APM 10.5.1),

but there is no additional information how to install/use the new APMSQL with an old APM 10.5.1.


I configure the new APM 10.7.0 SP2 APMSQL to point to an old APM 10.5.1 Manager, the connection test work well and I got some data from the manager also.


{"message":"Connection established successfully"}


But all the time Grafana send a request to the APMSQL I got a bad request error only.

"TEIID30504 ws-source: TEIID15005 Error Calling HTTP Service - 400 Bad Request"


I find a SQL Exception in the IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log.

com.wily.introscope.appmap.em.sql.SQLException: Unable to parse query: [line 1:82 mismatched input 'where' expecting {<EOF>, EXCEPT, FOR, INTERSECT, OPTION, ORDER, UNION, ';'}]


My question,

how to use Grafana with an old APM 10.5.1 or is this a documentation typo.


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