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Please advise if any CA IDMS utility for (data) extraction

Discussion created by Sushil Joseph on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by ChrisHoelscher

Hello Good morning.


I am looking for CA IDMS utility to extract the data using batch job. Instead of writing a batch retrieval program COBOL + IDMS. 


I need to understand will it possible to extract the (data) using the standard CA IDMS utility to run a batch J.C.L with using Local mode dataset.



If i know the extract utility in CA IDMS.

I will prepare the J.C.L with local mode dataset and then, I am able to extract the required data and to write into specified Output dataset.


I mean that (data) it is the each record entries in the IDMS record which is access from IDMS area with using Local mode dataset.


I was looking at other option to run a batch OLQ Job using the utility OLQBATCH, but, there is a challenge it is not possible to initialize all the fields in the J.C.L to extract into Output dataset and due to Rec length limitation 133.


One more challenge, it might not possible to connect multiple IDMS records using the set-name.


Could you please advise and provide your suggestion on this.



Sushil Joseph D.