Command to get all jobs from multiple instances.

Discussion created by s583 on Oct 18, 2018
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Is there a command to get specific list of jobs from instance 1 (dev) and instance2 (uat) without switching back between the instances.

Note:both instances are on the same server. 

For example I have jobs with names Test1_dev, Test2_dev, Test1_Uat, Test2_uat.

Test1_Dev, Test2_dev is one instance and Test1_uat, Test2_uat is on other instance, both instance are on the same server.


I know I can use autorep -j %Test1_% will do but it is not working as expected and it getting only the jobs from one instance. Please let me know if there is a command to get all the list of jobs without switching between the instance since all the job resides on the same server. 


Thanks for your help.