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How do I strip characters from a context variable

Question asked by Rich.Smith on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Mark.ODonohue

So, I'm trying to remove leading and trailing quotes from a context variable, if they exist (they may or may not with my data).


So I created a regular expression assertion, set both the source and destination context variable to the same value (since I just want to overwrite it).  I selected the "Match and Replace" option under destination, and then tried a bunch of different regexes in the regular expression, using the TEST tab to show me if it was working as desired.   I've found several that work FINE in the test, but spit out the exact wrong thing when running as part of the policy.


So, for example:


"ABC, DEF"  should be rewritten to ABC, DEF

'ABC DEF' should similarly be rewritten as ABC DEF

Apostrophes in the middle should be fine, like "ABC's Widgets" should return ABC's Widgets


What am I missing?  Why dont these simple regexs work?


For example, a regex of:




Strips out the quotes in the test tab, but shows ONLY the quotes when run in a policy.