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How to modify the Emloyee form for 2 kind of users

Question asked by radek.mihalik on Oct 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2018 by mcardozorubio

I am wondering how to manage following request.

We have 2 kinds of customers where we provide application support.

  1. application end users – basic application knowledge. The will create tickets (INC or REQ) only for they own needs. As basic users, they can define only urgency. On the home page, they will see the overview of own tickets and they can list them, edit, etc…
  2. application key users – advanced application knowledge. They can create tickets (INC or REQ) for own needs, or behalf of another user or group of users. As advanced users, they can also define the incident priority. On the home page, they will see the overview of all tickets from the company and they can list them, edit, etc…

All tickets are created using web interface.

In the first point for the basic user the solution is OOTB Employee Role, forms, etc…

In the second point I have to modify the default Employee forms (I know how), but in other hand I need to keep the original for the basic user.

So I am wondering what is the best approach.

I have 3 ideas:

  1. Modify the default Employee forms and manage somehow access rights/visibility of added fields
  2. Use the Customers form and Form Group – I do not suppose, I will need them in the future (It does not fit to our services). So I can modify them for the purpose of Advanced users.
  3. I can create new forms in the Employee form group and assign them somehow to the role for advanced employees. I know that in the role you can define the web initial form.

Another idea?

What is the best practise in those cases?