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CA Identity Portal: Can handle multiple accounts that mapped to same CorpUser?

Question asked by Williamckl on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Williamckl

CA Identity Portal 14.2

Customer use case....

Beside request access for employee himself. User can request access for their "Service Account".


Firstly, employee already have an account for himself in target application.(which employee have no problem manage his Access via Identity Portal).


Now the situation become complicated, when user is allow to request additional account, which is "service account" in the same target application.


After that, employee is also allow to Manage access on this service account on same target application.

Note: Employee is allow to request "Create Service Account", "Modify Access for Service Account" and "Delete Service account".


Q) Can Identity Portal handle multiple account that belong to the same person/employee during Manage Access ?

Q) With the above use case, can Identity Portal handle it ? or we have to use Identity Manager portal ?