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Monitoring of Oracle database in UIM

Question asked by MAVILESVIVANCO on Oct 23, 2018
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Dear as they are, I currently have a problem with my client.

I have installed UIM 8.51 and I want to monitor oracle databases. But checking with my client's Oracle database administrators ask me to send them the specific permissions at the BD level, since they require that specified information and in the CA documentation that information is not specified.

I would like you to send me a reference table where you specify the scope of database monitoring for ORACLE and tell me what user permissions are required and what scope you would have. If a sysadmin user is required to monitor these databases, I would like you to tell me so to show this information to my client and the request can be processed based on the support case.

And if it is a user of reading that is what could be monitored from the Oracle Databases. I already reviewed the CA documentation and my client asks me to be more specific in that requirement since no role is specified to carry out the BD monitoring of said manager.