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Dear All, I am trying to hit data generation PUBLISH job with REST API however job is getting failed

Question asked by AshishRathore028 on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Raj_Patel

below is the format i am posting using Swagger UI.

{    "name":"Publish_to_TDM_DEMO",   "description":"Publish to TDM_Demo using TDM_DEMO",   "projectName":"Project_Ashish",   "projectId":"7857",   "versionId":"7974",  "type":"PUBLISHJOB",   "origin":"generation",   "scheduledTime":1540374410,   "email":"",   "jobs":[  ],   "parameters":{    "generatorId":"7977",   "jobType":"PUBLISH",   "title":"Publish to TDM_DEMO",   "publishTo":"RESTAPIPOCCCA_17623",   "target":"REST_API_POC_CCA",   "dataTargetProfile":"TDMShredder",   "repeatCount":1,   "tables":[    {    "tableNo":1,   "tableName":"PO_tdm_root",   "status":1   },   {    "tableNo":2,   "tableName":"billTo",   "status":1   },   {    "tableNo":3,   "tableName":"items",   "status":1   },   {    "tableNo":4,   "tableName":"shipTo",   "status":1   },   {    "tableNo":5,   "tableName":"item",   "status":1   }   ],   "email":""   }  }


can some one please help and share working REST API for Publishing data generation Job from Swagger UI