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Automation of Post-IPL Activity

Question asked by DRWalker on Oct 24, 2018
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I am very familiar with scheduling in ESP, but just getting into the systems side of it.  


I'd like to have run a schedule of jobs whenever the mainframe is IPL'd.  I have been talking to my systems folks about this, and we are discussing various methods on how to determine that the IPL is complete, and ready for this post-IPL schedule to run in ESP.  I thought they would be okay to catalog a dataset that the ESP event could trigger on, or run a job to execute ESP, with a TR command, but they came back asking if ESP could detect a SYSLOG message:  ONLINES NORMAL STARTUP COMPLETE.  I checked the ESP manuals, and I didn't find anything about IPL detection.


Is there a best practice I can suggest to my systems team, so we can have a smooth hand-off between the IPL process, and the jobs we want to run after the IPL?