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DB001042 T1198 C-4M6001: Table:LOADTEXT-157, Area:DDLCATLOD space exhausted   

Question asked by MikeBarta on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by MikeBarta
  1. Increase the page range in the Area definition for CATSYS.DDLCATLOD to the desired size.

  2. Generate, punch and link the DMCL that contains the new page range for area CATSYS.DDLCATLOD.

  3. Allocate the new larger file for the area.

  4. FORMAT the new file using the updated DMCL.

  5. Rename files such that the new larger file will be accessed by the CV (if not using dynamic file allocation you must be sure the new file is defined by a DD in the CV startup JCL)

  6. Bring CV up with the updated DMCL.



I did this

 MAXIMUM SPACE 100 PAGES   was set at 50

NO 2. tried to generate the DMCL but same error.