WebMethods payload inspection via CA APM Introscope

Discussion created by chuck377 on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by barry.hemphill

Has anyone used CA APM/Introscope to inspect the payload from WebMethods agents?

My customers running WebMethods would like to know whether Introscope could “inspect” data and/or even “react” to it as it was being monitored (in this case monitoring WebMethods). At the time, wM still hadn’t upgraded to version 10 and the idea basically went on the back burner. Well, it’s come back around with the following specifics. Do you know if Introsope could be configured to monitor the “load” in either of the following scenarios? Scenario 1: (most difficult for Introscope but probably no code changes needed by us) In Introscope: MyObject.saveXML(String XMLinput) Inside the XML input is an element, let’s call it <StoreNumber></StoreNumber>. Is there any way to monitor the load on SaveXML *per* unique StoreNumber value? Obviously Introscope would have to parse out the StoreNumber element or call a method on MyObject that would return it. The ask would then be that Introscope monitor load on “saveXML-<StoreNumber>” as though it was a unique method. Scenario 2: If Scenario 1 is not possible, what about if MyObject contained a method that took “String storeNum” as a parameter? Such as … In Introscope: MyObject.saveStoreNumber(String storeNum) Would that allow us to monitor load of saveStoreNumber() per unique value of storeNum ? We had CA professional services come onsite and write some custom tracers to monitor WebMethods for us. Thanks. Chuck.