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Retrieving all workspaces within a Subscription

Question asked by Stephen.Wingert on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Sagi_Gabay

Can I use the Rally SDK to iterate through all the workspaces in my Subscription?  I am using the code below, but it only returns the workspace of my current context.  I am trying to create an app to list all the projects within all the workspaces in our Subscription.  Thanks in advance!


_getworkSpaces : function (){
// Get workspaces
Ext.create('', {
   model: 'Workspace',
   autoLoad: true,
   limit: Infinity,
   sorters: [
      { property: 'Name',direction: 'ASC' }
   scope: app,
   filters: [
         property: 'State',
         operator: '=',
         value: 'Open'
   listeners: {
      load: function(store, data, success) {


      fetch: ['Name','State']