Customer Validation Program - Unit of Work ID in Statistics

Discussion created by newna02 Employee on Oct 24, 2018

Hello All,


Our CA IDMS Development Team is currently working on a new feature to include the Netname and UOWID in our PMAM SMF record.  We are coordinating our change with the CA MICS IDMS Analyzer development team. This allows our customers to correlate IDMS transactions for analysis and management reporting.


We are looking for customers to join our Customer Validation Program.  We have monthly WebEx meetings to discuss all new features and get feedback.  As a participate in the program, you get early access to the New Feature APARs.  You can apply and test the APARs in your environment, and provide input to us for change.  Our next call is coming up November 13th, 2018.  Please use this link to register:




Thank you!


Nakesha Newbury


Sr. Product Owner, IDMS