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Can I manipulate the hostname of an alarm with an AO or LUA script or something else...?

Question asked by rtirak on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Hsehgal

Is it possible to manipulate an alarm in UIM, so that when the threshold of a metric is broken before it displays the alarm to the console the hostname is manipulated to what exactly I want it to be when it is finally visually seen in the alarm console and will use that hostname from there on out for the rest of the life of that specific alarm?


EX) So if I have a small table like this below:


APPID      HostName         UpdatedHostName


18               tstserv01             tstserv01-111

34               tstserv03             tstserv03-121



The threshold of a metric would be broken and the hostname of the object would be used to search the table, or array or list or whatever you like. Then if/when a matching is found in the "HostName" column Than its "UpdatedHostName" would be used to populate the hostname field on the alarm and it would alarm on the console as it should with the rest of its proper information.


Has anyone ever done something like this, or is it possible?