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Edit the baseline tests from the portal

Question asked by sdabbiru on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by MarcyNunns

Hi Listeners,


Of late, I have a requirement where I have cleared some baseline tests from the HTTP recorded traffic. Now the idea is to make the developer community to use these for unit tests and smoke tests by running them from the portal.


The issue I'm seeing is, in all the baseline tests there are 2 default assertions which are getting added for each step (Assert Response Codes and Assert responses equal). I have no issue with the first assertion and I want to retain it but the second assertion is causing issues as most of the time the responses will have time stamps and other dynamic values whose values changes b/w recording and execution.


As I don't see any option to modify the assertion in the portal, I have to download the test Mar into the workstation to edit it. Since we cannot have all the developers to use the workstation, Just want to understand if there is any provision to edit this assertion in the portal or rather control the kind of assertions to be added in the base line while creating it from the virtual service.


I understand there is a option to do it from the transaction frames recorder by the application insight but that is our of option for me. I want to do it in the portal while creating the baseline during or after the virtual service creation.


Thanks in advance!!