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SDM WS API: loginServiceManaged(Policy, Encrypted_Policy)

Question asked by Jakub_Kolacny on Oct 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Jakub_Kolacny

Dear friends,

I spent many hours trying to get loginServiceManaged to work and I'm more and more confused


What I tried:

1. using pdm_pki I generated the DEFAULT.p12 certificate for the DEFAULT WS Policy

2. I copied the DEFAULT.p12 cert to the axis folder

3. I followed the step by step example in ..\sdk\websvc\perl\test1_pki\ for DEFAULT policy (with password DEFAULT):

openssl pkcs12 -info -in DEFAULT.p12 -out file.pem -passout pass:dummy

openssl x509 -in file.pem -pubkey -noout >

openssl pkcs12 -in DEFAULT.p12 -nodes -nocerts -out DEFAULT.priv

echo -n "DEFAULT" | openssl dgst -d -sign DEFAULT.priv -sha1 > file.bin

echo -n "DEFAULT" | openssl dgst -verify -signature file.bin -sha1

openssl base64 -e -in file.bin -out file.b64

4. The results of all the commands seem to be OK

5. The final encrypted_policy string also seems to be nice



But it simply doesn't work in my powershell script 


$wsurl = "http://itasm:8181/axis/services/USD_R11_WebService?wsdl"

$ws=New-WebServiceProxy -uri $wsurl
$sid = $ws.loginServiceManaged("DEFAULT", "fzK745Qa60GYN65qXhJB1GlIbqe5PXKWemCeemJTcViM4XYYnNbNOEJOX0fdgb8uLQN0lSgumQEwmpsBj5aPoKrRpGM+gc1uPn9wUEfaDgzqQLgrjT/lh1f7RUW/Xx5oEP1jJgTAbSeoL0o/mfE4aBO1ZXfMIrXjer4mwMDsHIj0H46sEw3A9+9YiOJFv//YItPN+eYliCgg1LjcUFi0twPb3Nx2BrmEPtvuYA7l0Bkrs52l2TJD3/lMnwx40V0RR3y2uZeEzum3GlZErCxEzehj9v3b5z2Tqp0L+W+kVCXur+Lm5GXJCSQRkQO0yhPry+36eQ4yeoVJyEoJC8Q6Ew==")

#$sid2 = $ws.impersonate($sid,"jarnold")



The error is "Error - invalid login policy encryption"



Also the DEFAULT policy seems to be correctly defined..



Any ideas?


Thank you,