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Converting URI for REST service.

Question asked by Bravomao on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Mark_HE


I'm configuring an API gateway for accepting REST request.

The backend REST URL is as below.{bhno}/{cseq}/{upno}/{xtype}

/benefit/reconsigned/fund/single/findInvestoryByCseq is fixed part.

/{bhno}/{cseq}/{upno}/{xtype} is dynamic information.


However, the client hopes to publish this REST service using the following URL to their customers.{bhno}/{cseq}/{upno}/{xtype}

/fsts/benefit/fund/single/cseq/ is fixed part.

/{bhno}/{cseq}/{upno}/{xtype} is dynamic information.


Yes. The /benefit/reconsigned/fund/single/findInvestoryByCseq/ has been changed to /fsts/benefit/fund/single/cseq/.


I tried to create a web api for listening "*" and route to "*" but failed.


What should I do to make this web api work?



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