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Set inc group based on custom field

Question asked by frteixeira on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by frteixeira

Hello all,


We have a z_ci field that is a SREL to nr on the incident table.

On the configuration item table we got the support1 field.


So our idea is to set the incident group based on the support1 field (that is a group also) from our z_ci  

Any ideia on how to achieve this?


For now, I'm stuck to get the group ID.


I've this (works):

var z_id = f.elements["SET.z_ci"].value;


But I want to get the following (not work):

var z_id = f.elements["SET.z_ci.support_contact1_uuid"].value;


I've start reading some topics, but so far I got nothing.…… 



Thank you in advance.