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How does CPF work with SUSPEND of an LID

Question asked by CA_Richi_Mast on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by Michael_Blaha

We have two LPARS S01 and S02. Whenever we Suspend an LID on S01 native on ACF2, the LID will be suspended immediately - no job can be submitted with the LID logged on S01.


But: If the LID is logged on S02 and we suspend the LID native on S01 it takes several seconds until LID is being suspended on S02. During this time, jobs still can be submitted.


So our question: Why does it take several seconds (up to 30s in out tests) until synchronization is active?

Should it not be immediately when using CPF?


We have noticed same problem within IMS: When we suspend the LID native on LPAR where IMS is running, OTMA ACEE in IMS is suspended immediately and no OTMA requests with the LID can be done.

But if we suspend the LID over CPF, then it takes several hours until IMS rejects OTMA transaction from the LID. This looks like IMS is not being notified by ACF2 ENF and only the IMS internal ACEE refresh procedure for the cached OTMA ACEE is able to reflect the suspended LID.