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Not possible to create Experience cards

Question asked by mzwetsloot on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by Hallett_German

We are gaining more knowledge on Precision API Monitoring/APM but are stuck with some things.

I have installed Introscope Enterprise Manager/Webview and have about 7 EPAgents running on different gateways.

These agents are visible in the Agent View and I can see the reported metrics. I also enabled some service metrics for some service test policies.

When I connect to Teamcenter with browser I am shown and (almost empty) Experience View.

I have 1 Infrastructure Agent running on the server where EM is installed and that server is shown as an empty Experience card.


I installed the EM as Master (MOM).

When trying to add a new Experience Card then there is nothing to filter, no mather what universe I select.


Any help with getting Experience View populated is helpfull.