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Coding IF Statements question

Question asked by compscigui on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by compscigui

Coming from high level coding languages, I am looking to something like this:


IF ESPAPSUB# < 5 and stepA return code = x or y, THEN +



Is this possible? I have a user that has known error codes pop up due to FTP, and is trying to prevent ticket creation due to failure buy specific condition codes. If those codes are reached, she is looking to have the job resubmit itself up to 5 times, waiting 5 minutes each time. I have a similar event that does the resubmit up to 5 times, waiting 5 minutes each time, but I don't care about each failure until the final fail, which sends me an email. She is getting a ticket each time the event fails, which could be up to 6 times, which she does not want until the final failure if that happens.