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RA FTP - Invalid encoding for signature

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on Oct 31, 2018
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We are getting "Invalid encoding for signature" intermittently. (can't reproduce it).  The solution is to restart the task and it runs fine, so we've been adding post-condition logic to automatically do so.  But this behavior is increasing our task-failure rates.


This discussion seems related, and describes it as "not a bug" for Java 1.8.0_121;

[JDK-8174719] Java8u121: signature.verify throws exception Invalid encoding for signature - Java Bug System 


We are running RA_FTP 3.1.4+build.290 on AE 11.2.1+build.412.   

We are running RA_FTP on Java 1.8.0_151



Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Should I consider downgrading my Java to the one prior to 1.8.0_121?