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Adding a multivalued lookup value with XOG

Question asked by cthor on Nov 1, 2018

I have a case where clients can use Excel  to indicate a link between applications, and we can automate loading the data into clarity (VBA XOG).  In this case an Application has a mvl attribute which supports associating this app with n-apps.  Seems simple enough.


The only issue is, each row in Excel is handled one at a time, but not necessarily in order.


In this case, the following would be determined and processed:

"<ColumnValue name=" & Chr(34) & "goc_app_link_app" & Chr(34) & "> <Value>" & otherAppID & "</Value> </ColumnValue> "


This works fine if the parent app is only used once, but if it is used over and over again, the mvl attribute will only retain the last app which was linked to it, effectively something like value of attribute = new link, which overwrites previous link(s).


Hopefully this makes sense.


Is there a way to have the app link added to the mvl attribute, while retaining any links already existing within the parent app?


The issue is, clients could provide  list for upload (associate A with B), and then at a later date, in a new version of Excel, (associate A with C), but this doesn't mean B should be overwritten and the link lost.