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Portal 3.5 Post Operation in WADL populating JSON schema

Question asked by VA82375905 on Nov 2, 2018
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HI Team,


We have imported the WADL file (with Sample request/response) for Post operation in Portal 3.5, however when request is executed from the Documentation page, it is sending the JSON Schema as payload. This causes our backend to fail. We have tried this with couple of WSDL files downloaded from the internet but the same behavior is observed. We don't have any Sample WADL from CA to test this functionality. 


Below is the request Portal generates:

POST http://testserver:54003/cards/consumers/v1/***

Content-Type: application/json

traceId: 4323b85f-a7cb-49ba-acfb-03abc7e07fb0

{ "type": "object", "required": [ "consumerId" ], "properties": { "consumerId": { "type": "string", "description": "The consumer's unique ID. <br> Some clients may refer to this as the member number.", "maxLength": 20, "example": "12345" }...



I have attached the WADL files we have used, they are converted from Swagger via SOAP UI (CA suggested method) and APImatic. What we have observed that even that standard WADL document availble on the internet does not work.


Any help would be appreciated.