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CA SSO 12.8 WAM UI Registration and Login Flow

Question asked by Sasi_Identity on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Hubert Dennis

Hello All,

Here I have added my scenario on CA SSO 12.8 WAM UI requirement.


1. We have implemented CA SSO 12.8 in AWS environment. Policy server runs under ELB and WAM UI separated from policy server layer due to access restrictions under the layer of policy server. Hence, I have installed and configured on the layer 1, where secure proxy server runs on. 


Here is the problem:

XPSRegClient will be run on policy server layer. Lets take the example of following case.


Layer 1 (SPS+WAM UI server) ------> ELB----> Layer 2 (PS1+PS2)


On PS1 policy server I have registered the WAM UI client.


PS1#/opt/CA/siteminder/bin/XPSRegClient <administrator>:<phaseprase> -adminui-setup -vT


WAM UI installation and configuration is completed without any problem and able to see WAM UI login page which prompts three files.


1. Username : <administrator>

2. Password : <Password>

3. Server     : ??????????????????????


what is the server name suppose to be here ? is that ELB or PS1 host name ?


I have tried both but with these two values I am getting following error.

Error: No registration on file.


Questions here:

1. How WAM UI server establish the trust with policy server ? is there any config file on the wam UI server ? If yes what i that and how that's generated  ?


Please help me with right documentation to segregate the WAM UI and policy server.