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How to insert "previous and current values" from a custom table in a log table (also custom) with spel code

Question asked by Ana.Blanco on Nov 5, 2018
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Hello, I'd like somebody help me with this...

I need register in "zLog_Values" table every change made in some fields of "zValues" table, using spel code

I have two custom tables: "zLog_Values" and "zValues".

The "zValues" fields are:

-cr_persid (SREL to cr table)
-chg_persid (SREL to chg table)


I need register in "zLog_Values" table the following values from zValues table and the current session:


-Contact name who is making the change in the field (connected user)
-Modification date (current date)
-Current value (fields= value1, value2, value3)
-New value entered by the user(fields= value1, value2, value3)
-Request/Incident/Problem/Change persid


Thanks in advance,

Ana KBS.