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Issue with NBI_DIM_OBS Table

Question asked by MRPR on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by MRPR

Below is the join i perform that i do with NBI_DIM_OBS table :


srm_Resources res

left outer join prj_obs_associations poa on and poa.table_name='SRM_RESOURCES'
join nbi_dim_obs obs on poa.unit_id=obs.obs_unit_id
join prj_obs_types pot on


but i seems to be missing some rows that is being returned. Also, I see the issue was caused because of the NBI_DIM_OBS table join. What could cause rows missing is the NBI_DIM_OBS table when joined with resource table? 


NOTE: I'm aware of the fact that it's data extraction job that updates this data extract table in Clarity. I tried running the job and still missing rows in nbi_dim_obs table.