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Translating unpredictable length String to JSON

Question asked by Bravomao on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by DirkBleyenberg


I'm creating a policy for sending a string through RAW assertion to the backend server and receiving a response from the server.

The request string is fixed length but the length of response string is unpredictable.

I need to get each value from the response string's different part and transfer it to JSON format.

For example:

Response String = AA9567BS33411002AAGF1FFG

AA9567 = Company ID

BS33411 = Customer ID

002 = The amount of Txn

AAGF = First Txn amount 

1FFG =  Second Txn amount


I'll know the number of Txn from the position 13-15(started from 0) of the string, but I'll never know the number before receiving the string.


I have no idea how to design the policies.

Is there any suggestion or any assertion suit to do this?


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