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Metrics are shown under Super Domain but not under Domain.

Question asked by FASIRAJ on Nov 6, 2018
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I have installed Host Monitoring (Infrastructure Agent) on a linux server but metrics are shown under Super Domain but not under Domain. 



Monitoring Environment Structure:

  •     One MOM running on host name (SRPAPM31)
  •     Two collectors running on host names (SRPAPM33 and SRPAPM35)
  •     I am trying to monitor a Linux server (SRPICD51): testing with one server for now
    •     The Host Monitoring agent (Infrastructure Agent) is installed on the monitored server (SRPICD51)


The domain.xml looks like this:


<domain name="Host Monitoring" description="Host Monitoring">

        <agent mapping="SRPICD51"/>

        <grant group="Admin" permission="full"/>

        <grant group="IntCtrProdGrp"  permission="full"/>



Please see the attached file for a screen shot. 


Thank you in advance for your help!