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CA Directory 14.0 - Replication

Question asked by PANKAJ NEGI on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by PANKAJ NEGI

I have following setup -

- 3 Router DSA
- 2 Data DSA connecting to each Router DSA, so a total of 6 Data DSAs.
- All Data DSAs are added to the Knowledge group of each other for replication.
- DSA Flags is set to 'multi-write' and 'Multiwrite with DISP recovery' is enabled on all DSAs.

- Configurations are done using 'CA Directory Manager 14.0'


If a change is published on DSA1 (Added a system object), how this change will replicate to remaining DSAs. Will more than 1 Data DSA try to replicate their data to another one at the same.
If so, which DSA change will be replicated and how the conflict will be managed?