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How to virtualize a yml - json format?

Question asked by jemartineza on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by abrsh01

When I want to virtualize a service, they indicate that the request is yml or json.


When I virtualize it in pairs, the unknown-op service sends me




------------------------- request -----------------

cte=43158&id=61296642&lock=71d1447c9825df724ba8c130d3fcb3f878ca8ddc&encpwd=6a9bac4f85c3c80403aebb3ead420ea501e66fc78c1871d7c7c4c646d9c35475& PDD. Error en los saldos del cliente con número de teléfono 5530368511. Saldo Alnova: $140, saldo PDD: $113.01.&numtel=5535965565&mtipo=SMS


------------------------  response ----------------------

      <meta content="HTML Tidy for Java (vers. 26 sep 2004), see" name="generator"/>