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Auto-population of fields in Automic v 11.2

Question asked by ScottWirth on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Pete Wirfs

I am working on creating a single workflow for a process that we have ( currently there are a number of them, one for each customer).  At one point, there's a promptset which should allow the operator to select which customer's parameters will be used for execution.  The first field is basically an acronym for the customer's company name and is operator-selectable.  I've got that set up, and I can select one of a number of customers.  The second field is where I'm having some difficulty.  It's a field that won't allow the operator to change anything, it's merely informational.   I would like it to populate with the full name of the customer whenever the corresponding acronym is selected in the first field.  I've tried an EXEC VARA, referencing a script that pulls the appropriate column in a static VARA, I've also tried to have it resolve the variable with an entry in the second field with something like {VARA.COMPANY.INFO,&$SELECT#,2}.  Neither approach seems to be working.  I'd like to have it dynamically update the second field based on the first field's selection.  I've looked at the documentation and it's not real clear on how to approach this.  Has anyone had a similar issue, and found an approach that worked?


Secondly, would a better approach be to pull the parameters from a simple table using a SQL VARA?  If that's the case, I'd like to have it behave in a similar manner.  Any thoughts on how to approach this?