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Where does the extra AWI space go?

Question asked by Carsten_Schmitz on Nov 8, 2018
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The documentation says that an AWI server should have 20GB of extra hard disk space. It just doesn't seem to say anywhere where, i.e. where should it be mounted?


I'm currently building the V12 prod server, so I'd need to know. I thought I can go look at my AWI test server after it's running for a year, and see where it uses loads of storage, but it doesn't really do so, it uses a few dozen megabyte here and there at best.


I quizzed (no pun intended) someone from Automic, and he didn't have an immediate answer at hand either. So, for 64.000 Dollar and Regis Philbin permitting, I am pulling the audience lifeline.


Would you say it's:


a) /var or /var/cache        b) /usr or some /usr/tomcat-like-thing

c) something else           d) the moon