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How do I run dependency flow

Question asked by Trombeta on Nov 7, 2018
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People, I wish to have a workflow, as follows, I have not yet figured out how to do in the tool - CA - WORKLOAD - DE.

And I have three Jobs - JOB_A, JOB_B_JOB_C and two dependent jobs linked in these three: JOB_D and JOB_E

JOB_D can only have the offset to it if one of the jobs (JOB_A, JOB_B_JOB_C) goes into abort. JOB_E only executes if all three successfully complete.

So even if one job generates error (JOB_A, JOB_B_JOB_C) and the others end in success, it defaults to JOB_D.

Do I have to do this?