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CAPM On-demand report configuration

Question asked by alban_tahiraj on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by polmi05


   If one user (userA) creates an on-demand report. They pick all the metrics and how to model the report. Let's say that user was making reports for network performance per location. The company in question could have 100 sites. 

Issue one is, it's a manual process to create a report with the same metrics but only change out the devices. (A template would be better)

Issue two is, once userA created all these reports. Only userA can modify them. If userA was not with the company anymore and the reports needed to be modified. This would be impossible. The reports would need to be recreated and just be a bandaid solution till the next creator leaves the company. 


An admin should have the permission to edit the on-demand reports. Save a lot of headache down the road. Is there anyway to achieve this in a workaround solution?