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AddTableRow bug - enters a blank line.

Question asked by mikebutak on Nov 9, 2018
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I've built a form with a table component having allow edits = false, allow inserts = true. 


There are two ways to add a row:

1. One can manually add rows using the "+" button. 

2. I have a script that enables the user to add self or manager as rows using ca_fdAddTableRow function.  


Either way works just fine by itself.  However, if one manually enters a row, and then subsequently invokes the script that adds self or manager, it enters a blank line.  


Not sure if it matters but the row element is a select box.  


There are no errors in the console when the function is invoked (undefined variables, etc.)  


Seems like this could be a bug in the ca_fdAddTableRow function?


See screenshot: 

Thank you!