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HDP don't work properly

Question asked by RenéZinken612080 on Nov 12, 2018



I try to build a job like which start on a server (svr-appl102). The 3rd u-proc F017_02_DB should run on 2 servers (svr-ed204 and svr-ed212). 


I created a management unit S_MAP_VER on the svr-appl102 including dependencies to svr-appl102, svr-ed204 and svr-ed212.


In the task I use management unit S_MAP_VER and I created specific tasks for the u-procs. I did a deploy of the u-procs and session to the svr-ed204 and svr-ed212.


After starting the task the u-proc F017_02_DB on the svr-ed204 did run, but this u-proc on the svr-ed212 don’t run.


As far as I see the configuration for both servers (svr-ed204 and svr-ed212) are the same.



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