Collector going OOM-Solved

Discussion created by Lucarazzi on Nov 12, 2018
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Hello community,

I have a collector that eats memory and in 24 h goes OOM.

The GC cannot free memory also with a huge full GC, forced by me with jmap

It works with 10GB Heap and has 320 agents connected but live metrics is < 200K and historic is <390K


I have produced an heap dump and I have found that a lot of memory is eaten by java/util/concurrent/LinkedBlockingDequeue$Node (4GB and 21million instances)

These objects have as a parent object the class com/ca/apm/baseline/em/BaseLineEngine


After browsing the Internet with this calss name I have solved.

I have solved the problem moving the variance.db file and restarted EM

I hope that this thread can be useful for other people facing the same issue.