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Creating a request from a html page outside of SDM and skipping SDM confirmation form

Question asked by blav on Nov 12, 2018
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I'm looking at setting up a simple html form to be enable to create a incident or a request having all required fields already filled by the "POST" method of the html form. Like this:


<FORM ACTION=https://sdm-url.test/CAisd/pdmweb.exe METHOD=POST>
Category: <INPUT type=text NAME=category VALUE="pcat:502817">
User: <INPUT type=text NAME=customer VALUE="56F1CD38B451C046843AB48AA58A075F">
Group: <INPUT type=text NAME=group VALUE="A663F7808C73004AAFD96DD3DAC7BB24">
Reporting method (custom field): <INPUT type=text NAME=zreporting_method VALUE="7300">
Symptom: <INPUT type=text NAME=symptom_code VALUE="900">
Summary: <INPUT type=text NAME=summary VALUE="the test">
Description: <INPUT type=text NAME=description VALUE="test 333333333333333">

When I click the submit button, it shows the incident form and fills only Summary and description which are directly related to Factory IN. Other fields use other objects like "cnt", "symptom" etc. Is there a way to fill other fields related to other objects?

I couldn't find example anywhere except the explanation showed on this page: 17.1 or 14.1



When submitting the same with <a> tag it fills every field (even Customer, symptom and group) but still show the form so I have to click "save". I'd like to be able to skip that part on both ways.


I've read that if you have all required fields it could skip that window, is that true or I mistaken something?


My goal is to let our Intranet management develop an html form being able to send required informations and these informations being saved based using user's SDM access (by default: Employee).


Thanks for you constant help, it's appreciated


Have a nice day CA community !