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What changed about Job Messenger Config between 10 and 12?

Question asked by Carsten_Schmitz on Nov 12, 2018
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The upgrade manual from 10 to 12 says:

To ensure that jobs call the new Job Messenger, follow the steps below:

  1. Correct the file name of the Job Messenger in the INI file when you upgrade the agent (variable UC_EX_JOB_MD).
  2. When installing the new agent in the same directory as the old one, you must delete the old Job Messenger after the installation process.
  3. Instead of adjusting the INI file during the upgrading process, you can also create a link that points to the new messenger. Use uppercase letters for the old messenger names. Example for Linux: ln -s ucxjli3m UCXJLI3M

Does anyone know what this means?


There is no UCXJLI3M in the agent download for Windows or Linux, only ucxjwx6m or the UNIX equivalent, same as in version 10, so visibly nothing has changed about the file name. Hence, the snippet above makes no sense to me.