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WS-Security and Live Invocation

Question asked by sudarsunperumal on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by gadpr08

Hi ,

   I'm working on Virtual Service with WS-Security configured. In the Virtual HTTPS Responder step, a Data Protocol Filter is present which applies the WS-Security to the response. This works as expected during response selection from the VSI. But during Virtual HTTPS Live Invocation, the live service sends the response with the WS-Security and the Virtual HTTPS Responder also applies the WS-Security on top of it. Hence the client sees the WS-Security headers twice when Live Invocation Step is executed. 



1. Is there a way to use a conditional statement and then execute teh Data Protocol Filter in the Virtual HTTPS Responder Step?


2. I've used a separate Responder without WS-Security configured for Live invocation and a separate Responder configured with WS-Security for VSI response. This solved my problem but is approach correct? Are there any problems i might come across because of this model design?


Thanks in Advance