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i5 Autosys Job Definition

Question asked by Cameron_Charlton on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Cameron_Charlton

Hi All,


I am trying to understand how an i5 job definition should look in Autosys.


Here is the TWS command I'm trying to convert: SUBMIT: CMD(CALL D******** (^ENV1^ ^ENV2^ ^ENV3^ ^PHASE1^ '140' 'PCSI' ^ENV4^))


And here is what I have:

insert_job: job   job_type: i5

machine: machine

owner: owner

i5_action: COMMAND

i5_name: D********

i5_cc_exit: *PROGRAM

i5_process_pri: NORMAL

i5_params: 'ENV1'

i5_params: 'ENV2'

i5_params: 'ENV3'

i5_params: 'PHASE1'

i5_params: '140'

i5_params: 'PCSI'

i5_params: 'ENV4'


Sorry that I have blanked out a lot of the info, not sure if work would allow it to be public! Any ideas where I'm going wrong?