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url_response + USM Maintenance

Question asked by MattGruber on Nov 13, 2018
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Is there a solution, to put a url_response watched website also into maintenance (via USM) if the watched host is in maintenance?

For Example:

Host: lvasp-swmain is in Maintenance via USM


On Server lvasp-webmon runs a url_response, which has a profile to watch if a specific string is in http://lvasp-swmain, to check from "external" if the webserver on lvasp-swmain replies to external requests.


Well the lvasp-swmain is in Maintenance, but the lvasp-webmon not, therefore I get alarms that "http://lvasp-swmain" isnt reachable, since the Robot/Source is lvasp-webmon.


Any solutions for that, I just tested those Raw-Config-Vars of the url_response and virtualname but all with no success.