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Learning mode in Virtual Service

Question asked by sudarsunperumal on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by gajsr01


I have deployed a Virtual Service in Learning mode and when i invoke it with a request that is  not virtualised, i can can validate that the new Response is added to the VSI. It gets added with Match style "Exact".


All Arguments have the Comparison Operator as "=". Hence only if all arguments match exactly, the VSI will respond back with a matched transaction. 


But there is one argument in the request which is the TransactionID. The value for this argument will be unique for every call. Hence i need the Comparison Operator for this argument to be "anything".


During the learning mode, when new Requests and Responses are added to the VSI, is there a way to configure the Comparison Operator for TransactionID argument to be "anything"


Thanks for your help