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Java 8 will soon be EOL, and Java 11 doesn't support Web Start

Question asked by lilah on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by lilah

Hi everyone,


It seems Java 11 no longer supports Web Start and so can't run Oneclick (JNLP files are run with Web Start).

Java 8 is scheduled to be end of support in January. Java 9 and 10 are also EOL. 


Unless Oracle plan to keep updating Java 8 ever after it is commercially EOL, this means that if we want to continue to use updated and secure JRE's for our OC clients we need to address either Web Start or remove the Oneclick Java client altogether.


1) Can someone share a clear roadmap for whether and when Spectrum is migrating off Java, or how Oneclick is to be run once Java 8 is deprecated?

2) Is there a method to run Oneclick with Java 11 without JNLP files? There is much feature parity right now between the Webclient and the Oneclick client so I don't feel that's a viable route just yet.