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Ressourcemanagement in Automic

Question asked by NilsWieseloh607437 on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by FrankMuffke

Hello community,


we have 7 different servers and would like to balance the workload between these servers.

Do you have any advices how to manage the following example?

One workflow WORKFLOW A consists of a lot JOBS. These JOBS run on 2 of these servers. This workflow starts Thursday at night and takes at least 30 hours.

Another workflow WORKFLOW B starts one day later and its JOBS should balance its workload between all of the 7 servers.

In this case our approach is to use a HOSTG-object with all the 7 servers and divide the JOBS between these servers.

Now our problem:

The 2 servers, that are used by the JOBS of WORKFLOW A should not be used by the JOBS of WORKFLOW B until WORKFLOW A is finished.

WORKFLOW B gets more and more JOBS while it is running with the UC-Scrpit "MODIFY_TASK...ADD_TASK". These step should run on the 7 servers in the end but only on the 5 left servers until WORKFLOW A is running.


I hope someone could understand my use problem and has some advices for me.

Feel free to ask further questions.


Thanks for the help in advance!