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Syntax Error in RFH2 name/Message Parsing Error.

Question asked by Shasbaig on Nov 19, 2018

Hi !


I'm trying to send below RFH2 Usr user property.


key1=<RequestSoapHeaders><NS1:ServiceRequest xmlns:NS1=""><NS1:ServiceName>""</NS1:ServiceName></RequestSoapHeaders>


RFHUtil - DevTest:

Key1=&lt;RequestSoapHeaders>&lt;NS1:ServiceRequest xmlns:NS1="">&lt;NS1:ServiceName>""&lt;/NS1:ServiceName>&lt;/RequestSoapHeaders>


RFHUtil -  Broker stubs:

Key1=&lt;RequestSoapHeaders&gt;&lt;NS1:ServiceRequest xmlns:NS1=&quot;"><NS1:ServiceName>""</NS1:ServiceName></RequestSoapHeaders>


How to add User properties in IBM MQ Native Send Receive Step:


DevTest Solutions - 10.1

Step: IBM MQ Native Send Receive.

Error: Syntax Error in RFH2 name/Message Parsing Error.


Please advise.