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Clean Orphaned Attachments

Question asked by john.wohlgemuth on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Chi_Chen

We're in a situation where the physical file attachments, the attmnt table and the usp_lrel_attachments* tables are out of sync.  




  1. Physical files are stored on disk, but have no corresponding record in attmnt
  2. The usp_lrel_attachments* have records, but point to purged cr and chg records.

Example query: 

select count(id) from 
usp_lrel_attachments_requests with (nolock)
where cr not in (select persid from call_req with (nolock))



Question: Are there any OOTB solutions to reconcile this, similar to the CORA cleanup utility?


Thank you.